About Us

Welcome to Ratna Bhagya

Ratna Bhagya is the home of premium quality precious and semi-precious gemstones. We promise each gemstone for customers from mining countries like Sri Lanka, Zambia, Myanmar, and Colombia.  Expert lapidaries use cutting-edge technology to cut and polish each gemstone before sending it to the laboratory. In the lab, the gemstone gets tested and certification of authenticity is provided by the laboratory.

“Ratna Bhagya promises real and natural Gemstones to all the customers. We look forward for satisfied and happy customers.

Why choose us?

100% Authenticity Guaranteed

Our products are of the top premium quality. There is no compromise with quality, ever. Each stone is timeless and will satisfy you without fail.

Certified Astrologer

Ratna Bhagya has the best in-house astrologer money can buy. Book consultations at your convenience. You make time, we provide service, always.

24×7 Support

Help is just one ring away at Ratna Bhagya. Our customer care team is available at your disposal, whenever you want. Top-notch after-sales service.

Our Mission

We, at Ratna Bhagya, believe that quality should never be compromised. We promise to our customers the real and original gemstones at best prices to their doorstep. Ratna Bhagya will be a one-stop shop for natural, un-heated and un-treated gemstones. The certificate of originality will be provided with all the precious stones. We work together as a team for  happy and delighted customers.

Our Vision

We work to provide premium gemstones to our customers as and when required at a fair price. The team work effortlessly to deliver real, natural, un-treated, and un-heated gemstones. The quality of the gemstones will always be real and genuine.